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Download all of our software today and test it for FREE today. Make sure before making a firm decision, that covers your needs.

All of our licensed sotfware allow continuos playback for 7 minutes, after those the systems blocks and requires to be rebooted for being able to test it again all times you would need for the same time slots. The Audio Codec allows slots of 21 minutes of trial.

Universal Installer [LMUI] (2015/07/20) FREE  
Simple Encoder for LMUI  H265 (low-latency)FREE
Multi Encoder for LMUI  H265FREE
Player Module for LMUI  H265A (FREE trial)
Video player for RPi(2018/09/24) B (FREE trial)     
Audio Codec for RPi (2018/06/26)B (FREE trial)  

Full Metal Player video

Stream R us encoder to RPi lowest latency 400ms

Teradek Vidiu to Raspberry Pi 1080p test