OnPremise SRT Server

The ultimate software server on your own premises. A must have for every TV studio and TV headend.

RTMP, HLS and HTTP are dead, SRT has won the race to network packet loss immunity by far (up to 50% loss).

Just download and build your contibution-distribution network in a few clicks.

And the winner is SRT Protocol

OnPremise SRT Server

Control all of your devices from a dashboard at a glance 24/7 and stable as a rock.

OnPremise SRT Server features:

  • Suited for terrestial, satellite feeds and connections among studios or headends (it is not a webTV nor a VoD server)
  • Many inputs to many outputs. Number of streams not limited
  • Radio and TV streams (inputs and outputs)
  • Any codec (MPEG-2,H.264,H.265/HEVC,H.266/VVC,AAC)
  • Any resolution (SDTV, HDTV, 4K and 8K) at any frame rate
  • Any transport SPTS and MPTS
  • SRT modes: caller, listener and rendezvous with AES encryption
  • UDP (unicast, multicast) inputs and outputs
  • Exact replication (keeps the original PIDs, data streams, EPGs EIT and SDT tables, captions and SCTE signalling)
  • Ready for multiple LAN physical interfaces
  • IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack
  • DNS and M-DNS included. Easy remote control
  • Zero latency internal multiplier (1 to many)
  • You can erase, edit and block any element, and also reassign any output to any other input immediately
  • Backup and restore all of the components and settings into/from a JSON file
  • API REST available and documented on Swagger 2.0 (build and upload your own branded frontend, or build an external App to control all the system)
  • Easily updated in a single click (less than 3 seconds)
  • 1 month for FREE on every new hardware setup
On Premise SRT Server features

Easy to use

The SRT Server is very easy to use, from a very intuitive dashboard. Build a complete contribution and distribution network in minutes.

On Premise SRT Server dashboard

Alarm notifications on your mobile

Receive all the alarms of your IPTV network in your cell phone in realtime

Silence alarms and connection status

Install it from the Google Store

OnPremise Sentinel for mobiles

Stable as a rock

You can use it for 24/7 deployments, will never crash.

Compatible with lots of software and hardware encoders and decoders (VMix, OBS, VLC, Kiloview, Magewell, JVC Connected cams, Sencore-Wellav, Haivision, WISI, etc).

We highly recommend Magewell H26x to HDMI/SDI/HDMI4K decoders and Ultra Encoder HDMI/SDI encoders.

On Premise SRT Server is stable as a rock


SRT Server

Read the docs inside the zip